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Where to my Wrecked Car near me?

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If you’ve been in a car accident or your car shows the obvious signs of wear and tear, the estimate from your mechanic might make your jaw drop. You’re left staring at those numbers and wonder if it’s really worth it or you’re better off just getting rid of it.  
To help you make up your mind, you should contact JUNK CAR AUSTIN at 512-789-2177 to get a quote on your car as-is, before you even think of making any repairs. Should you invest more money in a wrecked car or sell it and put the money towards a new car? 
The most costly damages to a car 
There are certain problems, like a blown engine or a busted transmission, that are so expensive it really doesn’t make sense to put that kind of money in your old car. Why pay for repairs that cost more than the value of your car? 
The same goes for a bent frame or replacing the catalytic converter. In most cases, the cost of the repairs are so high it’s simply not worth the trouble. 
Repair the car or junk it? 
You need to look at the numbers. What is the cash value of your car? Maybe you’ve had it for a few years and you could get something like $5-6,000 if you tried to sell it, after you fix it. Should you pay a few thousands to get it fixed? It’s value will still be $6,000 at the most.  
Or should you put all that money into it, use it for another couple of months only to watch it break down again? What’s the point? 
To put it simply, when you’ve come to a point where the repairs needed cost more than 50% of your car’s cash value, you’re better off just getting rid of it.  
What if the car is totaled 
When you’ve been in a serious car accident and your vehicle is badly damaged, the insurance company might label it as a total loss. A totaled care is beyond repair or maybe you could still fix it but the repairs would end up being far more costly than the cash value of the car.  
Such a car might be unsafe for the road even if you decide to fork out the money to fix it. Once a car has been totaled by insurance, in order to be able to drive on public roads again you will have to go to the DMV and have the title re-branded as a rebuilt car. That’s if they approve of the repairs and deem them car safe enough. If they don’t, you’re left with a car you cannot drive on public roads and all that money was spent for nothing.  
If your car was totaled by insurance, you can decide to sell it yourself. In the state of Texas, your best option is JUNK CAR AUSTIN, where you get-free towing, quick pick up of the wrecked vehicle and cash in hand.  

Price of Scrap Metal is on the Rise in Austin, Texas

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If your car is a total piece of junk your only option is to sell it to a salvage yard. When you’re wondering where can I sell my car in Texas, your best bet is to contact JUNK CAR AUSTIN at 512-789-2177, where they give you the best quote possible and you have free towing, something you don’t see in many places. The value of crushed cars is rising so this is the best moment to get rid of that old car sitting in your garage.
Where to Sell My Old Car Austin, Texas  512-789-2177 
Why are crushed car values going go up
This has to do with the value of scrap metal prices which has been rising steadily for the past few months. It all has to do with the prices of metals in general.
In 2020, when the pandemic hit and economies were shut down around the world, there was a sharp drop in the production of new cars as well as in the construction field. With not much going on anywhere in the world, the demand for metals fell sharply. As a result, the prices for scrap metals also went down. If you did not have to sell an old car in mid-2020 consider yourself lucky.
Since late autumn 2020, the demand for metals picked up and this was reflected in the quotes folks like you could get from a Junk Car Buyer.
Just to give you an example - In the summer of 2020 the price for scrap steel fell as low as $200/ton, but by December climbed back to $330/ton. The same thing happened with the price of aluminum, which only recovered in January 2021.
How is the value of a junk car determined
That depends vastly on the weight of your car and its state, whether it’s still running or not.
At the JUNK CAR AUSTIN, we try to salvage those parts that are still working and recycle them. It’s the responsible eco-friendly thing to do and it helps other people locate a still usable part at a convenient price. We have strict criteria to determine if a certain part is still usable, as we cannot allow to put other drivers in danger.
If we determine that your car has no reusable parts worth salvaging, the value of your old car will be determined on its weight. You can find out the weight of your car if you still have your owner’s manual.

Salvage Car Buyer Austin  512-789-2177
The value of a totaled car is influenced by the markets

If you’re thinking to sell your car, you should do it now when the prices are up, at least as compared to last year. You cannot know what will happen in the next few months and how any potential crisis will affect the metal prices. Should anything go wrong, again, the prices for metals might drop, affecting the activity of salvage yards as well. And you, unfortunately, will get less money because this is how things are. 

Why Titles to Vehicles are Important in Texas and How To Get One

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 The title to the vehicle is important because it’s the only way to prove you own that car, so you have the right to sell it. Even if you’ve been driving a car for sometime and have the keys to it, that doesn’t prove ownership. When you decide to sell a car or a truck in Texas you should contact Junk Car Buyer Austin at 512-789-2177, but make sure you have the title to the vehicle. How do you get the title to a vehicle That depends on how you got the car or truck in the first place. When you buy a new car from a dealer, you have to pay a small fee and the state will send you the title to the car within a few weeks. When you buy a used car from the previous owner, they will have to transfer the title to you. Again, for a small fee the state, or more exactly your local DMV, will issue a new title with you as the owner. Since this is the most important legal document proving ownership of the car you should always keep it somewhere safe, as you will certainly need it when you want to sell or junk your car anywhere in the state of Texas. 

Click image to get the link to Texas Government Title Services 


What can you when you no longer have the title to the car There are various reasons people don’t have the title to the car they want to sell, maybe they’ve lost it or maybe it’s your late Grandpa’s clunker and no one knows what happened to the title. In this case, it is preferable to contact your local DMV and sort this thing out before trying to sell the vehicle. Obviously, if the car is still in good shape and you want to sell it to another person, you will need to transfer ownership of the vehicle to them and you cannot do that without a title. At the same time, when the car is a total wreck and you wander who buys junk cars in Austin, Texas, you should try to get a hold of the missing title first. If you’ve misplace the title, you should contact the local DMV and ask for a replacement title. 

With the current Covid pandemic restrictions, you should be able to do this online. If there is lien on the title, you should secure the lienholder’s release, whether it’s a bank or a lending institution. Why having the title to the car matters It matters to you most of all, because you will get more money on the car if you have the title to it, even if you sell it to a junkyard. Without a title to the car there’s little they can do with it, but salvage reusable parts. Sometimes, this is the only option if the car is wrecked, but with a newer model and a still running car you cannot expect a good price if you don’t have the title to it.

Tips for Selling your car for to a Car Buyer

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Tips for junking your car 
If you have an old useless car, there’s no point in keeping it in the garage. What are you waiting for? It’s not like it’s going to come back to life or maybe it could, but the cost of extensive repairs simply isn’t worth it. Your best option is to sell it for scraps and be done with it.  
Here are are a few things to keep in mind when you finally decide to junk the old car. 
Look for free towing 
The first step is to find a junk car buyer, and not just any junk car buyer. You want to make some profit off the old thing, right? Go online and look for a junk car buyer in your area of course call Junk Car Buyer Austin at 512-789-2177.  
You’ll want a place that is not far from you, but most of all you should look for a business that offers free towing. That’s very important, because some junk car buyers might charge you for this service more than it is worth it. And, of course, that cost will come out of what they’re offering for your clunker.  
Describe the state of your car accurately 
When you contact Junk Car Buyer Austin, make sure you describe your old car as accurately as possible, to prevent any misunderstanding. If your car is totally wrecked, say so. On the other hand, if the car is still in working condition make sure to mention that.  Buyers are interested in still usable cars.  Other vehicles may be just for salvage and they sell the usable parts off of them. 
Be sure to send them some photos, so they know exactly what they’re buying and how much they’re willing to give you. If you don’t, you might be in for a nasty surprise. When the pickup driver shows up, you don’t want to get into an argument if they discover your car is in a worse state then they thought. 
If you provide a full description and some photos, you can be fairly certain they will pay the agreed price, no ifs and buts. 
Ask for cash or company check in hand 
That’s usually the best option. If they agree to pay on pickup you can be certain they won’t come up with any pretext to lower the price. Also, you don’t want to waste any more time when conducting what is essentially a very simple transaction. 
Try to locate the title to the car 
Technically, you might still be able to sell the old thing even without the title but not in Texas.  You need a title to sell your car in Texas.  Look up where you can retrieve the missing title in your area and have it on hand when you contact a junkyard.  Texas regional office of DMV is the place to start.  With covid, they are requesting one make an appointment online to visit their office and get title, otherwise you can get your title online.  
Remove personal items from the car 
You wouldn’t believe how many people forget such a basic thing. You don’t want to have to drive down the next day to retrieve your kid’s skateboard left in the trunk. Check the car thoroughly, from the glove compartment to the trunk, and don’t forget to look under the chairs. 
Arrange for a convenient pickup 
This refers to both time and place. A reputable junk car buyer will offer same day or next day pickup, because sometimes people are in hurry. If that is not the case for you, pick a convenient day and time so you can go about your business without having to wait. If your wrecked car is at the mechanics, you can arrange for the pickup to take place there.  
Just make sure you’re there at the appointed time, sign the papers, get your money and be done with it. Time to move on! 

Metal and Crushed Car Values are going up in 2021

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5127892177 End of Life Cars Austin, Texas

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Why Cars Only Last 10 Or So Years?

Most often, used car dealers won't consider your vehicle if it's not a highly desired model and if it has crossed elevated miles or has other issues. Even if you discover anyone who wants to buy your junk car, you will probably not receive the expected market value.
As a junk car buyer Austin, I am confident to declare that Japanese cars last longer than American cars. There are many reasons why these cars only last 10 or so years. Japanese cars are much more dependable than their American and European contemporaries. A study revealed that American cars start off as sluggish in dependability but reach the level of Japanese cars in their tenth year. Japanese automobiles have become a robust industry standard. Many decades ago, that wasn't the situation. Throughout history, the Japanese have undergone various transformations. They were able to improve their quality assurance procedures. This provided a significant boost to their economy. Quality is key to sales in the dynamic automotive manufacturing industry.
Currently, in America and Europe, Toyota and other Asian automakers are major stars. These automobiles help people safely and easily reach their destinations. From a logistical perspective, moving their manufacturing facilities to North America already provides an even greater sense for Manufacturing companies. This approach was taken, and most of its plants relocated to North America by Toyota is among the few. Since Toyota cars have a massive market in the North American market. It makes only economic sense to produce the product where it is most requested. In this case, America has the most demand for these. 

Recycled Tires Help National Parks

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Recycled Michelin Tires Helps Yellowstone National Park Go Green

Tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park’s famous geyser, “Old Faithful,” will even use tires once they get out of their cars for a closer look. Old Faithful, you see, now boasts a porous, clean, flexible walkway made almost entirely of recycled Michelin tires. The “paved” surface, known as Flexi-Pave and manufactured by the company K.B. Industries (KBI), is kinder to the environment than asphalt because the permeable composite material allows for better erosion control and preservation of the natural patterns of groundwater flow. In addition, the walkway surface is highly durable and tolerant of extreme hot or cold weather, and does not leach any oil into the surrounding environment.
“The material used to create KBI’s Flexi-Pave is completely benign and therefore can be used safely with the delicate aquifers here in Yellowstone,” said Kevin Bragnall, CEO and founder of KBI, in a statement. The Old Faithful Walkway Project covers 6,400 square feet and includes 900 Michelin tires. “The path allows 3,000 gallons of groundwater to pass per square foot. It also is designed to diffuse the water’s force, helping prevent erosion,” Bagnall noted.
“The Old Faithful Walkway Project is a great example of what a difference a company devoted to sustainability can make in the world’s first national park,” said Karen Bates Kress, president of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, in a statement. “We are fortunate to have a corporate partner as farsighted, public-spirited and generous as Michelin,” she added. Underscoring how important this project was to the 126-year-old tire company, Michelin flew in a team of employees from across the country to help complete the construction of the walkway. The 10 volunteers were winners of a company-wide contest to participate in the project.
Michelin is a major corporate sponsor of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, with a goal of helping the park curb operating expenses and reduce the consumption of raw materials. To ensure this, Michelin regularly donates and helps maintain thousands of tires for Yellowstone National Park’s more than 800 vehicles, including patrol cars, garbage trucks, snow plows and load-hauling tractor trailers. The tires feature the latest in green tire technology to help save fuel and reduce emissions.
“Helping build and provide material for this new pathway is very much in line with Michelin’s goal of working with the Yellowstone Park Foundation,” said Leesa Owens, director of community relations for Michelin, in a statement.

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Austin Trucks

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Consider this: getting a spoon stuck in your tires is more of a likelihood than you may have thought.

According to a new national survey of auto service professionals, this common kitchen utensil is a potential hazard – albeit one of the more unusual ones – likely to damage your tires if you’re not careful about where you’re driving. The four tires on your car are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road, and they also affect everything from handling to braking, playing a critical role in your safety. Given their part in keeping you safe, it’s worth taking the time to take care of your tires – especially when there are so many (potential) hazards to look out for.

The study from Cooper Tires conducted by Auto Service Professional magazine couldn’t come at a better time: Nearly 100 million Americans are expected to have taken a family vacation by year’s end, according to a recent AAA Travel survey, with upcoming spring and summer road trips topping many of their plans.

With so many Americans on the road all year long – whether for a family vacation or their daily commute to work – tire damage is an unfortunate reality. According to the study, some of the most common causes of tire damage are running over something, such as a curb (72 percent), nails (70 percent), or potholes (39 percent). Other common causes of tire damage are more easily preventable, such as driving with bald tires (48 percent) and driving on a tire with low air pressure (44 percent). It’s probably why checking tire pressure, rotating your tires and paying attention to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light are the top tips from auto service professionals on proper tire maintenance.

And the one location you probably most want to avoid when driving? Construction zones, which are no doubt behind so many tires being punctured by spikes, wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers.

Drivers need to contend with various road challenges throughout the year. In the winter, the top two sources of tire damage are potholes (72 percent) and unseen hazards hidden under that fresh blanket of snow (59 percent), which can be anything from cracks in the pavement to debris that has fallen off trucks. In summer, underinflated tires are the most common offender (88 percent), leading to overheating.

“The four tires on your vehicle are the only parts to come in contact with and keep you connected to the road,” notes Jess Egerton, director of brand development at Cooper Tires which has been making tires since 1914. “That’s why, for safety and performance reasons, you have to properly care for, maintain and inspect them.”

That means:

• Checking tire inflation on a regular basis. Operating a vehicle with even just one tire underinflated by 8 psi can reduce the life of a tire by 9,000 miles and increase fuel consumption by 4 percent.

• Replacing tires when worn to 2/32 inches tread depth anywhere on the tread face.

• Visually checking tires for things such as missing valve caps, uneven tread wear and any foreign objects that could mean serious problems should they become even more deeply embedded while driving.

But back to those more unusual hazards.

Pieces of toys. Porcupine quills. Pork chop bones. Spoons. It’s anyone’s guess – including the service professionals who recounted finding them jabbed in tires – how they got there.

“Auto service professionals have pulled a lot of unusual things out of tires over the years,” says Greg Smith, publisher of Auto Service Professional magazine. “But, really, it might surprise people to know that a lot of tire damage is simply due to poor maintenance and wear and tear.”


Catalytic Converter theft Austin

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Here's what to do if you become a victim

Departments issued a warning about the increase in
catalytic converter thefts statewide.

 City Detectives were working on more than 100 active cases of catalytic
converter thefts, according to their Facebook post.

Here's some information on catalytic converters and what to do
                  if you become a victim.

   ï‚· Why would thieves target catalytic converters?

Catalytic converters contain platinum, rhodium and palladium. The metals
are expensive, and thieves sell the converters to scrap yards for $150 to
$200 per piece depending on the size of the converter and the current rate
on the metals inside it, according to The Spruce.

The rate of catalytic converter theft varies depending on the current prices
of the metals inside it.

The price increase of the metals typically result in an increase in thefts.

               Here's what to do if you become a victim

 Thieves often target
taller vehicles like pickup trucks or SUVs because they can easily fit under
the vehicle to access the catalytic converter, according to The Spruce.

     How do you know if your catalytic converter was stolen?

It's hard to tell if your catalytic converter was stolen just by looking at your
vehicle. However, you'll know when you start the engine.

Your vehicle may make a loud rumbling sound when you turn on the engine
that gets louder when you hit the gas if your catalytic converter is missing.

"The exhaust is not working properly, so the vehicle also drives rougher
than usual, often with a sense of sputtering as you change speed," sources say.

If you suspect your catalytic converter is stolen, go to the back of your
vehicle and look underneath.

"The catalytic converter is a round canister that connects two pieces of
piping in the exhaust. You will see a gaping space in the middle of your
exhaust if the converter is missing, and you will likely see signs of the
piping being cut away."

Toxic fumes will likely be easy to smell without it, too.
           How can you prevent catalytic converter theft?

Thefts are more concentrated on vehicles that are the most elevated,
although some thieves do not hesitate to use a jack to lift cars.

A simple and effective way to protect your catalytic converter is to park
your vehicle in a garage when possible. If you don't have access to a garage,
park in a well-lit area, recommends Gast.

Businesses can also engrave an identification number on a vehicle's
catalytic converter and enter that information into a database that can be
searched by law enforcement and metal recyclers for theft.

While some recyclers are quick to accept engraved parts, Gast believes this
measure really helps minimize the ability of thieves to dispose of their
stolen parts.

Some people also go to local machine shops to have the converter welded to
the vehicle frame or have mechanics weld a screen over it.

   What do you do if your catalytic converter has been stolen?

If you are a victim of this type of theft, immediately notify the police
department so the case can be documented.

If you have your VIN number engraved on the device, give them that
number as well.

The Spruce recommends calling local scrap yards to inform them of the
theft, especially if there is an engraved number on the converter that they
can verify.

You can also give them your phone number so you are notified in case your
converter shows up at a scrap shop.

Catalytic Converter theft Austin

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